February 2016

Contact Information:

Bro. Steve and Lynn Puckett
724 Fairway Rd Norman, OK 73069
(405) 570-8325

It’s been a busy month at New Generation Baptist Church.  We still need help to. do various things – child care, distributing flyers on March the 19th. If you or someone you know would be willing to help us in any way, please let me know.

Some of the statistics from our work of the previous month are listed below:

Contacted approximately: 46
Discipleship: 11
Shared the Gospel: 16
Professions of faith: 3
Re-dedication: 0
Benevolence: 0

Chris and I were able to attend a Share Your Faith launch workshop program. It was pretty intense and was presented on 2/25 – 2/27. We will now be able to teach a SYF Workshop. We plan to have our first SYF workshop on March 5th at NGBC. The workshop will start at 9:00 a.m. for registration and will last until around 4 p.m. If you are reading this and think that you would like to attend, you can either register on line on the EE website or at the workshop itself.

Personal interest Stories: It is always exciting to meet new people and to be able to talk to them about spiritual matters. Here are a few of our encounters this month -

I had the opportunity to speak in tongues this month. A young Hispanic man with 4 children needed to hear the gospel. I don’t know Spanish, but in God’s providence there happened to be another Christian Hispanic man there. I asked the Christian Hispanic man if he knew how to share the gospel with the man. He was not comfortable in doing that, so I asked him if he could translate for me. He did and the man prayed to receive Christ.

Cynthia, a middle aged woman, approached me and asked if I could speak to her. Cynthia said she was demon possessed and needed someone to pray for her. She clearly seemed to be agitated so I shared the gospel with her and she prayed to receive Christ. She seemed much calmer after she prayed to receive Christ.

I met a 35-year-old young man, Alan, who had never been to church in his life. He had no bible background at all. I began to share the gospel with him and I asked him if it was making sense. He responded that it did. However, it seeme to me that wasn’t quite getting it. So, I decided that I better go back to Genesis and explain some things to him. That seemed to clear up some things for him and in the end, he prayed to receive Christ.

I would ask that you pray for all of these folks.

As always, thank you again for your encouragement, financial and prayer support. If you are in Norman on a Sunday evening come and visit us.

Posted on March 4, 2016 .